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Your Partner in Your Journey




When your life or your business is not in flow, it is time to learn, to adapt, change, transform.


From the chemistry-inspired metaphor of the catalyst, we deduce that the facilitator of change facilitates, and having facilitated, moves on, untouched by the change.


And yet, in human relationship systems, there is interdependence, inter-being. And so, it is, well, impossible, not to change!


The reason why the concept of a Cotalyst sprung up: one who facilitates the co-creation of change, while also being willing and open to change.


Two learningful decades in selling, and nearly another decade in Learning and Development have polished him up. Whether it is selling skills, team building dynamics, or developing a learning strategy for the organization, Murali’s facilitative skills and operational acumen cotalyses.


His expertise spans vital organizational processes.

All accomplished with searing insight and facilitative tact.

Come. Let Murali support you to Be the Change.


My Services


Facilitation is an Art and Skill. We are here to make things easier by creating safe environment using carefully designed activities and we will help the group to achieve great product in less time using process facilitation.


To create passive acoustic strategy  in educational spaces to control sound levels and reverberation that provide an optimal Learning and teaching environment.